"Thank you very much for the lovely floral arrangement you created for my dining room. Who would have thought my vintage handbag would make such a lovely base for the flowers? The piece is perfect for the room, and I get many compliments on it. As for the two potted trees you provided for my living room—I can’t count the number of people who comment on my green thumb, assuming the vibrant-looking trees are real!"

Melanie Davis, Somerville NJ

"I asked Nancy to give me some ideas for adding some accent pieces to my living and dining rooms. I don't like a lot of 'stuff' in my home so I was very leery of this process. Nancy assured me that she would keep it simple but yet elegant. I was amazed when she began to bring some of her creations into those rooms. It was truly amazing what she had created and how it enhanced the rooms. The pieces were subtle but yet had quite an impact. She then suggested some floral arrangements for the foyer, something I had never even considered. Again, I put my trust in her and she designed some unique arrangements. I am so thankful for her creative flair and for making me feel so comfortable about trusting her judgment!"

Erin B. Carstensen, Clinton, NJ

"Every time I wear my lovely silk corsages that you've designed for me, I get compliment after compliment. People think they look real and everyone comments on how fresh they look and how much they perk up any outfit. I need to have you make several more but haven't had the time to figure out exactly what other colors I need. When I can't decide whether an outfit needs a scarf or jewelry, I often end up selecting my flowers instead, thanks to your creativity!"

Donna H. Myers President/CEO DHM Group, Inc.

"Nancy, the arrangements you made for my client's wall unit were perfect in her room. The colors were just right and the greenery really filled in the blank wall so beautifully. Thank you for taking care of her and for simplifying my life."

Linda Principe, Linda Principe Interiors

"The gorgeous silk tree and plants that Nancy suggested are exactly what our family room needed to tie it all together. Her keen eye, expertise, and sense of style are that of a true professional."

Tracy Redling, Basking Ridge, NJ.

"I've purchased several original designs from Nancy during the last few years both personally and for my business. She's always a pleasure to work with and her designs really show the depth of her tremendous talent and skill."

Kathy Catanzaro, New Providence, NJ

"Nancy Conner is an exceptional floral designer. She takes a genuine interest in the clients specific project needs and creates magic with greens and flowers. I highly recommend her for any and all types of projects."

Eileen Ulrich, u&i Design Group