In the last several years, our work has fallen into three categories:

  1. Custom arrangements and room accessories for homeowners and businesses
  2. Items that I make in quantity (see Buy Now) such as Lapel Blossoms
  3. Arrangements and room accessories created for Interior Designers and Decorators

Custom arrangements:

Typically, clients contact me and we arrange a consultation by phone or in person at the site to be decorated. On-site consultations are $150. The objective of the consultation is to see the style of the room, find out about tastes and preferences, and see what colors and fabrics are already present in the room.

Next, I e-mail, mail or deliver (depending on your location) thoughts on what floral, plant or tree arrangement(s) would perfectly complement the setting. We'll also suggest containers at this point, unless it has already been determined that we're using a container of your own.

When we agree on the materials to be used, I'll place orders for the raw materials after receiving a 50% deposit and begin your work (Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted). When complete, it will be installed in your room or delivered to you, unless you prefer to pick it up.


Note for Interior Designers & Decorators

Since every interior designer and decorator has a slightly different process, contact me to discuss your needs. Be sure to ask about fire retardant products!