Courier News -- B, Fresh Ideas for the Bride and Groom

The Premiere issue of B -- Fresh Ideas for the Bride and Groom, a publication of The Courier News, featured Nancy Conner Design in Fall 2001. From the article:

"Stunning and realistic florals that will last as long as your memories. Forget any preconceived notions that fake flowers just don't cut it like the real thing. The artistic talents of [North] Plainfield-based interior designer Nancy Conner proves that realistic can look as stunning as the real deal -- with the added value that these won't wilt or die after a week."

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Courier News Business Section

A May 1999 Courier News article talks about Nancy Conner Design's approach:

"I look at what the trends in fabrics are and I then consult with clients in order to do the custom-made flowers that complement these furnishings."

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Courier News - Touch of Silk Article

A Courier News article also featured Nancy Conner Design. From the article:

"Many people enjoy enjoy both real plants and realistic ones. They just use them in different ways.... Realistic florals are generically called 'silks,' but they can be manufactured from synthetic rubber, coated fabric, latex, silk or plastic."

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Design NJ

The Winter 2002 issue of Design NJ, New Jersey's Home & Design Magazine, highligted Nancy' Conner's ideas in their regular feature "The Right Moves."

In this article, Nancy shows how to bring your spring and summer garden accessories inside for the winter and the Holidays.

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Homescape, The Record/Herald News

Homescape, a December 2002 feature of The Record/Herald News featured Nancy Conner's designs in an article called "Forever Fabulous: Faux Flowers Deck the Halls."

Says Nancy, "Holiday decorating is beginning earlier and earlier making it impractical to use real greenery. But thanks to improvements in 'permanent botanicals' it is possible to be both festive and worry-free."

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New Jersey Savvy Living

The Holiday/Winter 2002 issue of New Jersey Savvy Living featured the work of Nancy Conner Design in "Decked Out For The Holidays." From the article:

"Today, high-quality permanent florals have become so realistic that it's almost impossible to tell them apart from the real thing, says Nancy Conner, who offers a floral design service by appointment in North Plainfield. In fact, one client purchased a lifelike orchid as a gift, and the recipient mistakenly watered it, thinking the moss was dry."

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